Welcome to Thorstarter

Thorstarter is the first decentralized community-driven Venture DAO. We offer projects not just a smooth, fair, secure IDO experience, but also access to our community, KOLs, investors, and marketing services. As a full suite premium launch solution, Thorstarter is uniquely positioned to offer our community the best Multi-chain (Ethereum, THORChain, Terra,  Fantom, BSC, Solana, etc) ecosystem projects.

As an IDO platform for young projects, Thorstarter provides our partners with deep liquidity right from the start through liquidity grants. Alternatively, Thorstarter enables existing projects to reach investors and participants across multiple blockchains by creating a liquidity pool for their token paired with XRUNE. This liquidity relayer function is entirely unique to Thorstarter and reflects our THORChain roots, allowing our partners to benefit from multichain liquidity and utility.

In addition to Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs), Thorstarter also allows existing tokens to conduct "Booster Sales" also known as "Post-IDOs" to accelerate token holder spread and community growth.