The Valhalla Venture DAO

Thorstarter was conceived as a liquidity relayer and IDO platform for the THORChain ecosystem to allow long tail crypto assets to launch smoothly with deep liquidity from the start (more on long tail vs short tail assets in the next section). However, since conception our scope has expanded beyond building only multichain liquidity relayer and launchpad.

The Thorstarter Treasury has increasingly expanded the scope of our investments to include not just IDO liquidity grants, but seed investments of every kind, NFT projects, and Post-IDOs.

We see our venture DAO as an entity that can marshall large amounts of community, funds, and attentionicular time and place for a reason. Our vision as to what that reason is has become ever expanding.

We are extremely flexible with our investment vehicles, whether they involve private round allocations (normal range 30k-100k), discounted OTC token deals, NFT allotments, or any other mutually beneficial arrangement.

Our goal as a venture DAO is to maximally align incentives with partner projects. Together, we win.