Council of Asgard

The initial period of stewardship will be conducted by 9 members elected by the DAO. The initial DAO will be based on a modified version of the Aragon Company DAO template. Aragon’s code has been tried and tested, and we trust the security of its contracts. Thorstarter will be working closely with several Aragon Experts to ensure the success of the initial launch DAO.

The initial 9 council members will ensure the success and growth of Thorstarter. This group will be poetically named The Council of Asgard.

Early Council leadership will ensure that the project reaches a critical mass of investors. Over time, as the community grows and network liquidity deepens, the existing council will vote in new council members. Council seats are time-bound and require active participation in the DAO.

Confirmed members consist of THORChain core team members, developers, Thornode operators and early supporters, institutional liquidity providers, and thought leaders in the THORChain ecosystem. Project Selection and Incubation The initial onboarding of any new project will be managed by the DAO and DAO fund. Each new project, after being selected, will pass through four stages:

  • Project vetting and negotiation
  • Liquidity provision of ASSET
  • Liquidity provision of XRUNE/ASSET. This will be provided by the Treasury
  • IDO announcement and marketing

Soon after launch, the wider community of XRUNE holders will elect Council members and vote on all DAO proposals. This transition will result in what we call the Valhalla DAO.