Governance Thorstarter will launch as a community-governed DAO, and will evolve through two distinct epochs: The Age of Asgard, and Valhalla DAO.

This means Thorstarter will never be a company in the traditional sense. The protocol and community will be managed by the Thorstarter DAO. A “DAO first” model has been validated by other protocols, notably BarnBridge. It addresses a few major challenges and concerns. This model:

Ensures equal voting among early parties and stakeholders, limiting the possibility of errors that could jeopardize the network. Ensures that early voting does not exclusively benefit one individual or small group. Incentivizes voting by the early DAO members to carefully choose Council members who are well aligned with the project, both ethically and economically. Furthers the ethos of fairness, decentralization, and democratization.

The initial stage will involve a stewardship period to align all key stakeholders and grow the community organically.