Remnant Labs

Remnant Labs


Remnant Labs envision games that are not only fun to play, but also rewarding for players to play.

The future of gaming should bring more power and freedom to the gamer. Real ownership of select items. Freedom to trade items without large royalty fees or long time locks. Iron clad security through blockchain technology. Cross-platform trading (Game A skin for Game B skin). Interconnected metaverses (Sword X used in both Game A and Game B).

4 main pillars of our design:

- Making top quality games. We are a specialized game development studio with clear visions for fun gameplay.

- Bridging NFT games to mass gaming and onboarding regular players in the future. NFT use is optional & the experience can be invisible to normal gamers. Tokenomics are carefully crafted.

- Sustainable play-to-earn from gamers for gamers. Our design brings maximum value to gamers, even at a cost to our maximum potential revenue.

- Scalable to mass players. By making crypto/NFT optional and by integrating Polygon as our main network, it is highly scalable and minting fees have been reduced to almost zero. Emphasis on user experience and simplicity (everything will be integrated on our website, including Polygon bridge widget, with ample short & concise tutorials)


Initial Supply Breakdown

Initial Supply: 761M (7.61%) (w/ Liquidity) | 3.8% (w/o Liquidity)

IGO: 1.62%

Market Liquidity: 3.8%

Seed: 1.1%

Private: 0.7375%

Marketing: 0.35%


Remnant is a new game development studio based in Toronto, Canada, 1 Concorde Gate Suite 702.

The story begins as 5 members with a game development background and passion for building fun games and disruptive technology. The team strives to utilize innovative technology to push towards better gaming experiences and standards