MintDAO was created to establish a digital NFT minting platform, this is a new standard in the crypto space, as it solves several of the most common problems for NFT holders, platforms, and creators: ease of NFT creation and integration.

MintDAO will make it easy for third-party platforms to create their own NFT collections with custom utility. With MintDAO creators don’t need to worry about creating their own NFT technology, MintDAO will deliver everything for them, from their technology to their style and rewards system.

Utility, rewards and Governance will be provided via MintDAO’s token, $MINT

MintDAO will be migrating to a multichain future with Layer 0 and Axelarcore


Due to the Terra collapse, MintDAO has revised the tokenomics for their migration

Here you can check how many new MINT tokens you get —


We will provide an updated Roadmap once MintDAO has published based on their multichain migration


The Core Team of MintDAO comprises of three experienced Fullstack Blockchain developers who have been active in the crypto world since 2017. During those few years, we have participated in a couple of crypto projects gaining experience while making new connections across different crypto communities. Each team member has a Computer Science degree and has been passionate about new technologies for many years.