Rango Exchange

Rango Exchange


Rango is the first and the most intuitive DEX and bridge aggregator in the crypto market. Releasing the new website and version of our app, Rango supports 43 blockchains including UTXOs, Ethereum-compatible ones, Cosmos ecosystem, Solana, etc. Users can transfer funds between all these chains with a few clicks and Rango will optimize the best route based on output amount and fee.


The maximum supply of the token is 100M as it is distributed as follows:

  • Team (20%) has a cliff of 1 year and the tokens will be vested linearly over the next year of the cliff.
  • Private Investors (15%) have vesting similar to that of the team.
  • IDO (10%) participants will have no or short vesting period. (Related to IDO platform)
  • Advisors (max 1%) case by case, nothing as of writing this.
  • Airdrops (5%) we plan to airdrop 5% of tokens in the first year.
  • Liquidity Providers (10%) reward for stakers over 2 years.
  • Community Funds + Growth Incentives (39%) A large portion of the token allocation can be used as growth incentives and developments, decided by the governance.


- Check out their Whitepaper for a detailed breakdown on the Rango Roadmap, this is subject to change after the Terra collapse. We will update the site as the new information becomes available



- Initially begun the crypto journey as a Fintech Startup, the Rango is the first crypto project led by an Anon team of Developers, designers and marketers, expanding with as the platform grows.