Maya Protocol

Maya Protocol


Decentralized liquidity protocol. Restrictionless. Open-source. Maya Protocol is a Cosmos SDK based decentralized liquidity network that is powered by $CACAO, the native token. A THORChain friendly fork aiming to take advantage of their predecessor’s great achievements while looking to test new improvements to the original economic mechanisms and maintaining backward compatibility. 

Maya aims to take the Thorchain model and go a step further through implied capital efficiency with more uses for its native currency $CACAO as well as being backward compatible with Thorchain. CACAO is the bridge between blockchains, used as a settlement asses in all LP pools

$MAYA tokens are used to participate in the protocol's total revenue share by perpetually capturing 10% of all fees generated from platform swaps. MAYA served as initial stages of funding to incentive long term development.

Additionally, to facilitate an Economy for builders and developers, Maya will be launching the Aztech Chain. The Aztech chain is a fork of the Terra blockchain to provide a mature infrastructure for smart contract development and expansions via excellent UI/UX compatibility for lending, smart contract, NFTs, etc. Anything becomes possible.

If that's not enough, Maya will continue towards the goal of having a defi powered stable coin by introducing 5 different stable coins (to be introduced in the future) with a full suite of benefits and risk mitigation.


$CACO - 100M tokens (hard cap)

$MAYA - 1M (hard cap)



- Maya is an ambitious project with an excellent team and vision, check out the detailed White paper