DefiSpot is a multichain decentralized exchange (DEX) that aims to make it possible for users to swap, lend and add/remove liquidity to cryptocurrencies without needing a centralized third-party or requiring users to provide Know-Your-Customer (KYC) details. Defispot is a full-fledged trading experience that gives you insight into what you are investing in, in the form of graphs, technical analysis, project description, easier navigation, etc.

DefiSpot can be compared to Coinbase, except we are decentralized. We are actually the world's first DEX disguised in a CEX interface.

If the latest market has taught us anything, it is "not your keys, not your coins". Defispot is a necessity towards a Defi future.

Key features of DefiSpot

  • Eliminating counterparty risk. DefiSpot is non-custodial, so users do not have to send cryptocurrencies to the exchange. Our exchange is unlike centralized exchanges, as users do not have to send their assets to internal ledgers to manage their assets.
  • No regulatory risk. Centralized exchanges are subject to local regulations even if they serve a global user base. Local governments can force exchanges to delist assets. For a recent example, Coinbase, Kraken, and Gemini delisted the Ripple (XRP) token. Regulators may also shut down exchanges and seize assets (a particularly big problem in South Korea).
  • Neutral UI/UX. DefiSpot is a neutrally branded platform, meaning we are free from bias toward any specific network or community. We chose this angle because all current cross-chain exchanges are branded towards a specific niche. We wish to remove these in-group barriers by building an intuitive and unbiased interface.

Defispot Technology Components

- Cross-chain Liquidity Pools

- Synthetic Assets

- Composite Assets

- Cross-chain Lending

- Fiat on-ramp

- DefiSpot Wallet

- The DefiSpot Token ($SPOT)


- coming soon


- Platform is live for Beta testing

- Mainnet coming soon

- Roadmap coming soon


-coming soon