DeFi Dojo

DeFi Dojo


The idea is simple: ensure a quick path to DeFi.

The Yield-Bearing Asset & Non-Fungible Token Hybrid (yielding NFT or yNFT in short) is a brand-new approach to the DeFi market. Users trade customized, ready-made assets in the form of an NFT that represents underlying value, simultaneously allowing them to explore the DOJO ecosystem.  Through the advancements of blockchain, every NFT can act as a key to the vault holding which can earn income at any time.

Initially DeFi DOJO will offer pre-defined yNFT reflecting one of the options enabled on the platform (e.g., Aave stablecoin pool, Quickswap MATIC/ETH, Quickswap DJO/USDC) which users will be able to purchase for USDC, USDT, DAI, MATIC or using traditional FIAT currencies via a fiat-to-crypto solution.

But that’s not all.

The DOJO yNFTs are still non-custodial NFTs which you can transfer or instantly liquidate on our own DOJO Marketplace. Your NFTs will no longer just be some fancy pictures but may become a source of passive income (increasing in intrinsic value over time), even more powerful with theauto-compounding feature implemented in the DeFi DOJO smart contract. DeFi DOJO opens a whole new chapter in multi-purpose, hybrid NFTs. We believe that the NFTspace presents us with an incredible opportunity to inspire and engage those who are puzzled by jargon and unnecessary technicalities, using incredible hand-drawn art as a proxy for well-proven DeFi mechanics, with a healthy dose of education thrown in for good measure.


- 400M starting supply

- Hard cap model (no inflation or deflation)

- No burning, tokens are recycled for the community pool and DAO treasury